CNAME no evil…

1 minute read

Setting up this blog has been an interesting journey. I’ve redone the thing about 5 times and finally settled on using a combination of Jekyll and Hyde (almost funny considering it took me so long to decide).

Some of the frustrations I’ve run into so far:

  • Instructions seem sparse and as a result setup took a few tries
  • Switching between different setups can cause a major headache (protip: pick one before pushing to Github or fear the repo-moster)
  • Markdown is a completely new language to me. While people seem to love the simplicity of it, it seems to lack features. I am hoping that I will get used to using it as I blog more.
  • Getting my domain hosted by 1&1 to point to my Github URL has proven to be rather difficult. I’ve been researching this setup most of the evening and have yet to come up with a solution. Current setup as follows:

    • Subdomain created for www
    • Set www Subdomain CNAME to point to
    • Set main domain to redirect to www Subdomain
    • Create CNAME file with in it and push to Github

Current status it’s working!!!!

my domain and blog are experiencing redirect loops and I hope it is just that the DNS changes have not fully propagated.

Future plans

  1. validate and fix domain issues for the blog
  2. enable Tag view of posts being created
  3. drink another celebratory beer when complete or when a good effort has been detected