new chapter through the iron yard

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What an amazing last four weeks!

Hubby and I just returned from a belated honeymoon to California. It was on that trip that I realized my discontent at work was not 100% due to the position I held. I love performance testing and that will never change. Though the last few years, I have been pulled farther and farther away from technical roles and into a project management/pre-sales role. The move away from the technical stuff was truly impacting my happiness. I heard of the Iron Yard through my husband who met one of the alumni at work and decided to research it while on our vacation.

It seemed like a crazy idea to quit my safe, stable job without having a new one lined up. To also consider spending 3 months in bootcamp to try and reboot my career was terrifying. My husband was all for it, and I hope he knows how much I appreciate the support and encouragement he has given since the first moment I discussed it with him. It was an incredibly difficult decision to leave my former career (which seemed to be rolling along quite well) and the company I had been at for 8.5 years. I met my husband at that company and made some very good friends. I will really miss working with so many of them! My decision was solidified after reading up on as many coding bootcamp reviews as I could find and speaking with the instructor Brit.

After 3.5 weeks in class, I cannot tell you how happy I am that I took the plunge. My classmates are all awesome with their own stories of how they ended up in bootcamp. The instructor has such a love for programming, it’s hard not to be excited about things in class (even when exhausted). I really feel like this is a fantastic chance I have been given and I am NOT going to waste it.

Prepare for more blogging as I work on fixing up my site. It won’t be all homework assignments and programming as I plan to include personal side projects and hobbies that I enjoy.